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We’ll bring the lab to you.  You supply brains!

Escape The Mobile Lab is a bite size version of a room escape where groups of 2-5 people at time tour our research facility and participate in a small experiment. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong and a terrifying laboratory accident is beating down the door! You have just 3 minutes to finish the experiment and escape!

Great for parties, mixers, conferences, and anywhere else with brains to spare! We recommend the Mobile Lab for events with 60 or more people.

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You’re scared. You have questions. Let us put your mind at ease, if only because a mind at ease is tastier.

Where can the Mobile Lab come to?
Anywhere we can fit in the greater Houston area! We can set it up inside or outside.  A large conference room, a parking lot, or a lawn are some examples of usable space. The space should be at least 12 feet by 25 feet for our exclusive use for the duration of the event.

How many participants are in the session?
2-5 people can go through the Mobile Lab at a time.

How long will it take?
The Mobile Lab is a bite-sized room escape experience. Each group will have three minutes to escape. Allowing a minute or so for reset and orientation, that means up to 60 people can tour the mobile lab in an hour.

Will I really get eaten if I don’t escape?
Cannibalism has been outlawed since 1804, so the lab accident is not legally permitted to eat you. 

What should I bring with me?

All you need is a clear head in a hectic situation. All the answers you need are in the room, but you only have 3 minutes so we suggest that you work quickly!

Are cell phones permitted?
Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the room.  The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited and you will immediately be removed from the show if you attempt to use them.

How old do you have to be?
We do not recommend this show for children under the age of 8.  Appetizers…er, guests ages 8-14 must be accompanied by a paying adult in the room. Anyone under the age of 18 must print out and bring a liability release waiver signed by their parent/legal guardian. A minimum of two adults must accompany and stay on site with groups of children (including birthday parties) under the age of 18. Infants and toddlers will not be allowed in the room; zombies do not like baby food.

What if I am pregnant?
We do not recommend this show for women who are pregnant.

What if I am epileptic?
There are no strobe/flashing lights used in the show; however loud noises will occur over the course of the adrenaline-packed, 3-minute escape.

What if I need some liquid courage?
People who are drunk are not allowed into the Mobile Lab. If we feel you are too inebriated to participate, you will not be allowed to enter the Mobile Lab, but you can toast to your survival after you escape.

Will I need to protect myself with more than my wits?
There are no firearms allowed into the Mobile Lab. Additionally, we have no place to secure weapons on location, so make sure they are locked up and secure elsewhere before you come in.

What kind of monster is the ‘lab accident’?
The lab accident can be customized to feature your favorite characters!   Choices include:  Zombie, werewolf, mummy, radioactive mutant, and killer clown.  If you have something else from your nightmares you would like to sic upon your friends, let us know and we’ll see what we can create in our lab.

Can this be adapted for longer shows or as a team builder?
Absolutely!  We recommend Trapped In A Room With A Zombie, Escape The Villain’s Hideout or The Crash as our main team builders. However, if you have a fun and crazy idea, email us at for custom escape pricing.

Are you hiring?
We are always looking for new Mobile Lab Techs! If you are interested in acting for us, please submit your resume, headshot, and a brief statement of interest to

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Feel free to contact us by email or phone with whatever questions you have. We look forward to eating… errr, MEETING you!


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